Consultation Description

The GRDA is launching a public consultation process to engage with the public and enable important stakeholders to actively contribute to the ongoing urban planning process, aimed at drawing a sustainable solution that creates a vibrant and inclusive urban environment in Victoria.

In view of Victoria’s present challenges, namely lack of open spaces, lack of parking spaces, and traffic congestion, the GRDA is proposing a vision for Victoria urban upgrading. GRDA’s vision centres around a proposal to transform the existing parking area in Victoria (adjacent to the Villa Rundle Gardens and the Bus Terminus), including the adjacent football ground and surrounding area, into a green park.  This entails relocating the parking spaces underground, with circa 800 car spaces being made available.

The proposal seeks to contribute towards the regeneration of the area, and challenge the prevailing car-centric hierarchy by prioritizing pedestrians and cyclists, thereby making several streets more accessible to them. It aims to foster a vibrant public life that meets our social, environmental, political, and cultural objectives. Furthermore, by incorporating nature into daily life and creating public spaces, the proposal  aims to create a sense of community and enhance the overall liveability of the area.

The concept proposal for Victoria urban upgrading forms part of GRDA’s wider plan to  design a long-term and holistic sustainable master plan for the island of Gozo.

Target Audience

The General Public is invited to give its view after viewing the material and documentation provided.

Contributions are particularly sought from: –

  • National competent authorities
  • Local Councils
  • NGOs
  • Business community
  • Victoria Football Clubs
Public Engagement Events

A public meeting will be held on Tuesday, 29th August 2023, at 10am at the GRDA Conference Room, Victoria.

Booking is required on

Written contributions are to be submitted to the Gozo Regional Development Authority on:

GRDA proposal to Victoria Urban Upgrade

Ways to Respond
By Post Victoria Urban Upgrade Proposal
Gozo Regional Development Authority
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Gozo Regional Development Authority

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