The GRDA’s mission is to formulate, streamline and help in the implementation of regional policies to ensure sustainable development. The GRDA is to strengthen Gozo’s voice amongst policy makers and other Goverment Bodies, so as to ensure that policies, actions and projects are adequate for the specific nature of the Gozitan ecosystem. The GRDA will make sure that its mission is attained by carrying out its consultative and legislative functions, backed by the strength of the GRDA Act.


Through its two main roles, the GRDA will be a further step towards optiminising Gozo’s point of views during any national policy discussion, making sure that Gozitan interests are taken into account and that any policies, projects or action plans that potentially can impact the affairs of Gozo take into account its specific characteristics and realities.

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Jobsplus Permit: 322/2022 Position: To develop and manage the strategic external affairs of the Authority’s activities and to be responsible to enhance and sustain the identity and reputation o…


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