GRDA Feedback on the Victoria Urban Upgrade Vision

December 2023

GRDA Feedback on Gateway to Better Quality Employment in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

December 2023

GRDA Feedback on the Partial Review of the Gozo and Comino Local Plan 2006 for Qala (Ħondoq ir-Rummien)

October 2023

The GRDA is publishing its response to “Għal Għawdex” coalition 8 proposals

May 2023

GRDA Feedback on National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan to 2030

April 2023

GRDA Feedback on Malta’s Sustainable Development Strategy for 2050

February 2023

GRDA Feedback on the Standardisation of Apertures for Residential Buildings in Malta

December 2022

GRDA Feedback on Agricultural Land Reform

November 2022

GRDA Feedback on the National Strategy for the Environment 2050

October 2022

GRDA Feedback on A Social Vision For Malta 2035

July 2022

GRDA Feedback on Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027

December 2021

GRDA Feedback on Gozo Regional Development Strategy 2021-2030

October 2021

GRDA Feedback to the Malta Economic Vision 2021-2031 Document

October 2021

GRDA Feedback on EU Funds 2021-2027

October 2021

GRDA Feedback on the Regional Impact Assessment System: A Non-Technical Guide

July 2021

Regional Development Strategy for Gozo: Public Consultation Document

July 2021

GRDA Consultation Document-Regional Impact Assessment System: A Non-Technical Guide

April 2021

Latest News

23 Feb

Context Sensitive Design in Gozo Conference

This morning conference organized by the GRDA, achieved its objective of fostering a fruitful discussion, from which potential solutions aimed at safeguarding the distinctive urban characteristics of...

03 Feb

GRDA Conference - Context Sensitive Design in Gozo

Following the publication of the Regional Development Strategy for Gozo, the GRDA is organizing a conference to discuss the topic of ‘Context Sensitive Design’ within the context of Gozo. The conf...

25 Jan

Gozo, along with 25 other cities, has been selected to join the Pilot Cities Programme

Gozo, through the Gozo Regional Development Authority, will be participating in a multi-city pilot activity along with the Austrian city of Klagenfurt 🇦🇹 and the Lithuanian capital of...

Gozo Regional Development Authority

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