The Gozo Regional Development Authority (GRDA) and Greening The Islands (GTI) have been engaged for the past year and now look forward to strengthening their cooperation through a Framework Collaboration Agreement that will allow a more coordinated approach in areas that are in line with the GRDA’s work of formulating, streamlining and helping in the implementation of regional policies for Gozo.

The agreement was signed at the GRDA Innovation Hub in Gozo on Friday, October 7.

These collaborative initiatives relate to: innovative and sustainable environmental solutions for the generation of energy and water supply; the development of suitable industrial policies and good governance practices; the enhancement of sustainable green mobility that supports the island’s needs; the development of innovative solutions in the field of agriculture, waste management and tourism; and the development of integrated solutions that enhance environmental protection that shall help Gozo achieve its greening goals.

The GRDA and GTI look forward to this collaboration for the sustainable development of Gozo.

The signature follows the high-level meeting organised by the GTI Observatory in Gozo (Malta) on 26-27 May that brought together key Maltese stakeholders and authorities, as well as leading international institutions and innovators, and explored solutions in support of Gozo’s strategy for sustainable transition as a model for the decarbonization of the entire island state.

The operative and interactive meeting was hosted by the GRDA at the Gozo Innovation Hub and saw the participation of the Ministry for Gozo through the Eco-Gozo Directorate and other competent ministries, the Gozo Business Chamber, various national authorities and corporations, educational institutions and the representatives of the community, among others.

The meeting aimed at defining a plan to accelerate the island’s decarbonization, tackling the areas of energy, water, waste, mobility (land and sea), agriculture, air quality, exploring best practices and innovative solutions with the help of international experts and GTI Observatory members.

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