The Gozo Regional Development Authority will be participating in the upcoming Greening the Islands – GTIe_Convention2021 which will be held virtually between 19-21 October 2021.

SMILO Program

The Gozo Regional Development Authority is proud to announce that it has joined the SMILO Sustainable Islands network. SMILO is an NGO, governed by French law, with the mission to support small islands wish to adopt a more sustainable way of managing their territory. SMILO’s actions cover various transversal themes such as water, waste management, energy, … Continued

Regional Development Strategy for Gozo

To view the Regional Development Strategy for Gozo Document – Consultantion Document kindly view here. Questions Do you agree with the high-level vision being proposed by the Gozo Regional Development Authority? Does this strategy need to give additional weight to any particular area beside the 8 priority areas already mentioned? What additional measures can be … Continued

Manager – Project Management and Implementation

 Jobsplus Permit: 292/2021  Main Objectives The Manager shall coordinate and prioritize project tasks, manage timelines, actively maintain project plans, and communicate project status to clients and senior management. The Manager shall contribute to the overall implementation plan, including performance agreements and setting up of deliverables, to support the project plan and monitor the program to … Continued

Regional Impact Assessment System: A Non-Technical Guide

The Gozo Regional Development Authority (GRDA) is issuing this consultation document to obtain the feedback from interested parties – that may include Ministries, other national authorities, national entities and agencies, NGOs, constituted bodies and the public in general – in relation to the proposed application of the Regional Impact Assessment Framework as mandated by Article … Continued

Manager – Social Dialogue and Communications

Jobsplus Permit: 23/2021 Main Objectives To manage all external and internal strategic communications and promotion of the Authority’s activities and to be responsible to enhance and sustain the image, identity, and reputation of GRDA. To prepare and disseminate information to the appropriate channels and outlets, internally as well as externally. To maintain various GRDA platforms … Continued

Gozo Regional Development Authority

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