The Gozo Regional Development Authority launched a document entitled – Initial EU Funding Opportunities Roadmap for Gozo.

Through this document, the Gozo Regional Development Authority wishes to convey the message that apart from the funds negotiated by the Central Government under the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), the European Union offers other opportunities in terms of funding to private entities and NGOs under various programs.

This conference was addressed by the CEO of the Gozo Regional Development Authority, Mr Mario Borg, who explained why the need to of this document and the way forward to attract more funds to Gozo.

Ms Angel Giuliano gave a detailed overview of the funds that are available, which can address some of Gozo’s needs also in terms of the Strategy that the Gozo Regional Development Authority is proposing for the island.

Director Mario Saliba, from the Directorate for Policy Development and Programme Implementation within the Ministry for Gozo, gave a detailed presentation of the projects and initiatives that the Ministry has worked on in recent years.

A panel discussion, led by Ms Naomi McDonald, shares experiences of projects.

The conference was closed with the address of Dr Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds, where while commending the initiative taken by the Gozo Regional Development Authority, he urged that further applications should be submitted so that more additional funds would be allocated to our country, especially Gozo in full respect of the strategy being launched by the same Authority.

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